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Welcome to the Onyschuk web site! This site is devoted to distributing and collecting genealogical information about our families. So far, as we know, the original Onyschuks all came from the land that constitutes present-day Ukraine. We also know that there are Onyschuks living in Canada, the United States, Brazil, France, Poland and Ukraine. While we learn about the Ukraine of our ancestors, its history, music, dance, language, food, legends and people, our focus is our immigrant ancestors who immigrated to Canada and elsewhere. Why did they come? Where did they immigrate? What did they do? What records did they leave? What can we uncover, share and preserve? We will record and publish what we learn. We want to insure that our families' presence is known and appreciated wherever they lived.

Sam Keen—a philosopher, once wrote ”Our lives are shaped and occasionally misshaped by the stories we tell about ourselves. It's only by becoming intimately acquainted with these narratives as they have been handed down from our families, our cultural backgrounds and our religious beliefs that we can begin to live consciously. Unless we understand our lives as a kind of autobiography in the making, we're likely to take refuge in other people's stories, in ready-made ideologies, and in unexamined systems of belief.”

People have always been interested in where they came from and their family history (genealogy.) The Bible can be seen as a collection of genealogies of biblical personalities. Throughout their generations the Royal families, nobility and clergy have kept detailed genealogies going back many centuries.

For us more common folk, this search has as great significance and importance to our families as it does for the nobility. We find our own nobility in our family history. It is also of benefit knowing our connections throughout the generations and to whom we are related.

In Cyrillic letters our family name is spelled Онищук. This Ukrainian spelling was transliterated in many different ways when our ancestors moved to their newly adopted countries. Онищук became Onyszczuk, Onyschuk, Onischuk, Oneschuk, Onyshchuk or other variations of the same-sounding name.

  • to recognize the courage of our ancestors
  • to recognize the contributions they made where they lived and worked
  • to help research the origins of the Онищук families. We hope that anyone who shares variations of this name will add their family history to this site.
  • to provide a place on the World Wide Web for news, information and communication for all members of the extended Onyschuk families
  • to enhance our past and present family relationships and strengthen connections to all Онищук clans around the world.


The flag represents a blue sky over a field of grain or sunflowers and the trident (tryzub) is an ancient symbol of Ukraine.  

Ukrainian Nathional Anthem

Today it is:

This is a WORK-IN-PROGESS for the members of the Онищук /Onyschuk (et al) Family Clans. The purpose of this site is to provide leads and possible connections. You should consider all sources unverified and pursue documentation for information that pertains to your genealogy. Note: Privacy Filtering HAS been used. If you find your name on this site and want it removed, please email me immediately.

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Thanks and happy hunting!